New Shiny Faucet

So for my Christmas Russell got me a new faucet for my picture. Then amazingly Russell himself installed the faucet in our sink. It is so new and wonderful and to celebrate we took pictures of the installation for all to see.

Here is the original faucet all taken out of the sink.


Then we must put the plate on the sink so it looks all nice and stylish…


(Thats not enough plumbers putty. I had to peal it off and noticed that it didnt seal all the way around.)

faucet3.jpg faucet4.jpg

Now is the fun part of attaching all the pipes so that nice water can flow freely and hopefully not leak like the old faucet did.

faucet5.jpg faucet6.jpg

So here is the newly installed faucet and all its nice features. As you can see it can do the flow out and spraying which is so much nicer. Then the best feature is that the nozzle comes out and I can spray pans from all sides and not have the awkward attempt of cleaning a pan (Yippee!!)

faucet7.jpg faucet8.jpg faucet9.jpg

*side note– if you look at the two of the photos above you can see our sweet little girl checking out what is going on in the kitchen

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