O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree…

So while I was up in North Carolina with my mom, aunts, and cousins I decided to get my very own tiny Christmas Tree from the “farm”. My mom and I found a place up in the middle of the mountains and went to go and pick my very own tree. After looking around for awhile we found the perfect tree. This particular tree had been hit by a car and so the guy was willing to chop off just the three feet worth of tree that I wanted for my very own.

tree2.jpg tree3.jpg

And then if you look very closely you can see that there is snow, SNOW, on the branches. (If you can not seen than click on my blurry photo closeup).


And then the tree came down and got all tied up for the ride down to Sunny Florida.

tree4.jpg tree5.jpg tree6.jpg

Once the tree and I made it back to Florida we were all set for the Christmas spirit. Unfortunately when I went to get the tree stand I found out that some little animals out in the shed decided to chew some little holes in it. So I then went driving all around Gainesville trying to find a stand. Once I found a one the tree was ready to go up and get all decorated and festive.

tree7.jpg tree8.jpg

And yes if you did not notice, my tree is about three feet tall and sitting on my table. Let me tell you what, the guy who cut my tree down thought I was crazy because I put snow on the tree (its real though), took pictures, and only wanted a three foot tree.

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