“The Haircut”

Okay so after over a year of looking like a girl (hehe) Russell decided it would be time to get “The Haircut”. I looked around and found this photo of a style that still had some length that Russell might like (sorry I no longer have the photo of that haircut style). So I took Russell to the Haircuttery (or one of those) and got him “The Haircut”.

Here is what Russell looked like before

haircut1.jpg haircut2.jpg

We then went and got his hair all taken away.

haircut3.jpg haircut5.jpg haircut6.jpg haircut7.jpg

And like always, Russell must play with whatever he can…


And now you can see the final product. Now one thing I would like to state at this time is that his hair doesn’t actually look like the picture I gave the woman. For some reason she was just saying how much she loves to get pictures because it makes it so easy to cut the hair. Well that woman is crazy because she has no idea how to follow a picture. So here are the photos and the hair does look better since it has grown out some.

haircut8.jpg haircut9.jpg

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