Gators win the National Championship

It was wild here in Gainesville.
We were about the only people in Gainesville with a high definition signal of the game. We watched it on a 9’x12′ rear projection screen in the parking lot at my office( We got the high def signal by catching it with an antena from Orlando and streaming it over our fat bandwidth intartubes to the Office. We also had an outdoor propane heater

After we decimated Ohio State, we drove down to 6th St and University Ave. After parking, we walked down University Ave toward UF’s campus. It was entirely closed down north of campus and was filled with hundreds of very drunk people. There was also an abundance of people riding on the roofs of their cars honking horns and generally being rowdy. There were SO many unprosecuted DUI’s last night it was ridiculous. I was still probably relatively safe since no one was driving more than one or two mph, and most were just stopped in the road

There was also some wanton destruction in the form of ~30 people jumping up and down on a car’s roof, hood and trunk. I am not sure that the car made it out alive it was pretty dented all over as we were walking past. It was pretty ridiculous how many police men were around not stopping any of the wanton debauchery. Glass littered the road way and people were publicly drinking and smoking marijuana and the cops didn’t seem to be saying a thing to anyone. Overall everyone was elated so I did not see any violence (which I was thankful for). Considering how many inebriated people were out and about last night it was pretty impressive that everyone managed to be so nice to each other (minus stomping a car here or there).

Shannon’s View~

Well I watched the game totally sober. Let me tell you what, everyone questioned why I did not drink but honestly I was a little nervous about the game and so I did not want to test my stomach.

After the game when I drove us downtown it was a very interesting experience. While Russell focused on how everyone was drunk I noticed how the whole group of people were one big community. There were people you would never expect being friends high-fiving and hugging each other. Black women and old white men were cheering together and having fun. I have never seen so many people just happy and having fun.

Also after we saw the car with the 30 people on top of it, there was a car with guys sitting on top playing bongos. It was loads fun walking around seeing all the crazy people (although honestly it may have been more entertaining if I was a little drunk).

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