Bellsouth Is Evil

So I get a telemarketing call tonight and was in a really strange mood, so I let them talk to me. The first thing she says is taht I am a valued member of Bellsouth (of course I am), and that they would like to thank me by reducing my monthly bill from 25$ a month to 18$ a month. Now the lady I’m speaking to is talking quickly and has a think accent, so I ask, “What is there in exchange for you lowering my monthly bill by 7$.” “You will get long distance activated on your account!” So I should have hung up right there, but no, I am intrigued. How is it that they will give me long distance and give me a 25% discount on my bill? This sounds too good to be true. I have to know, “SO you are telling me that you are going to reduce my bill by 7$ a montha nd give me long distance service as, well?” “That is correct,” the saleswomen replied.

She then goes into prices again, “Right now you are paying 25$ and you will be paying 18$ dollars before tax.” Ha, I understand now, “so is the 25$ including taxes or not ?” I asked. “No, you will be paying the same amount of taxes you are paying now,” she responds. Just to confirm, I press on with “So my total bill be reducing?” “Yes, from 25$ to 18$.” So I’m hooked, “Sure I’ll take it then if you are going to lower my bill.”

“Alright, the rest of this call is being recorded,” the sales woman quickly rattles off. “Your current monthly pretax bill is 14$ and that will be changing to 18$,” she says in thickly accented hurry. DING!, “Wait a minute, did you just say that my bill is going up from 14$ to 18$” … … … “Yes I did”. Then after I say I dont want it she hangs up on me. What a sleazy way to sell stuff! She basically lied to me about what was going to happen to my bill until I agreed to buy it, then started going through the “recorded confirmation” and very rapidy, in an accent, told me that infact my bill would be going up.
Why is it that even companies that I use (bellsouth is my local phone provider), telemarket to me. I know your there waiting to sell me long distance. I know that because I tell you about twice a week when you call me at home, that I dont, infact, want or need home long distance service. I hate them, and if there was another local phone company I would go with them. But they are just an evil monopoly who i wish would leave me alone.
I also wish that there was something to do about this. I am on the National Do Not Call list, but that doesnt protect you against companies you have a relationship with you .

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