Ah the joys of children

Well it has been a really fun week for us. First we found that Oreo (the cat) had gotten bitten by something and so we took him to the vet and the next day the wound ruptured so I had to take Oreo to the vet two days in a row (oh how much fun). Well since the wound ruptured the cat now had to wear a cone and looks oh so cute. So then we look at the Lamda (the dog) and notice that her ears are all swollen. So Russ then has to take Lambda to vet. So if you have lost count that is three visits to vet in three days. And so when I come home from work I go and see Lambda and oh yes, Lambda also has a cone on her head. So this week has led to three visits to the vet and two animals with cones on their heads. (and just so you know the vet has no idea why Lambda’s ears are swollen but they give her lots and medicine and she is back to normal now). So here is Gainesville we are having fun with animals and we hope everyone else is doing well and do not have a fun week like ours any time soon. Byas Our coneheads gallery

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