I am getting all ready for my trip to Las Vegas next week. As most now I am going to Las Vegas because of Blue Cross and Blue Shield’s Rewards program. What many not know is that I was “Rookie of the Year” last year and so I get to stay an extra day in Vegas and do the really cool thing (a helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon). My friend Casey will be joining me since my husband was not interested in a free trip to Las Vegas (and now he regrets his decision since he heard all the fun I will be having). I will be bringing my laptop so hopefully I will be able to post during the week and put up some pictures of the adventures. Some highlights of the trips are the Hoover Dam, Thunder Down Under show, hopefully the Bunny Ranch, “O”, and of course the Grand Canyon. Don’t worry I’ll be posting lots of pictures (Kitty :).

I hope everyone has a good weekend and that no one finds anymore foreign substances in their food.

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