Michael is Famous on the Internet!

I saw that there was a sweded Jurassic Park off BoingBoing yesterday (for those not in the know, BoingBoing,net is one of the most widely read blogs on the webs and has received quite a few awards.) When i saw this, I at first I thought it was the same group that Michael had done with Lord of the Rings. I was bragging to all my coworkers that my friend was famous on the internet. It turns out that Michael had nothing to do with that and I had to eat my words. I had no idea that Sweding was a new meme going round the ol’ intarwebs.

However today dawned with sweet vindication when I awoke to find that Michael was indeed famous on the internet and that he had been lavished with such praise as “so elaborate and well-wrought that it almost doesn’t qualify as sweded”. Congrats Michael! (Also you have stuff to put on your blogs now, so start typin!)

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