Seriously does our congress have nothing better to do…

Recently congress passed a bill declaring the USA a Christian nation. Seems like it would be a breach of the establishment clause if not for the fact that it actually does nothing.

Glad to see that while we cant end (or even make any progress on) the war, punish corruption, advance our education system, stop our lying president, or really anything of actual importance, we can take time to all agree that “our” religion (well 1/3 of us anyway, and who really cares about those other 4 billion people, they are just gonna burn in hell anyway) is truly peachy keen. I really wish that the professed Christians in our country actually took the time to study what Christ said, and then actually applied it to any aspect of their own lives.

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3 thoughts on “Seriously does our congress have nothing better to do…

  1. Well, 76% of the U.S. sees themselves as some form of “Christian”. So this will give them a good talking point to campaign on.

    The real disappointment, to me, is that the people are letting something like this have importance. Like you said there are many things of greater importance, but until the people wake up and demand better this will continue to happen.

  2. As a professed Christian 🙂 I have a problem with this too. While the founding principles of this country do depend greatly on Christian teachings, the first amendment is very clear and I don’t think declaring the US a “Christian Nation” benefits anyone. Anyway…just my 2 cents.

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