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Yes we are alive and well. So sorry that it has been so long but hey we starting a new season (oh yeah the fall is coming) and so I have decided to finally post pictures that I have had on my computer that have been wanting to post but just haven’t actually sat down and chat. Hope you all enjoy this.

So to begin with long, long ago sometime around March 2007 John, Russell, a few friends and I all went to MegaCon. John actually did a post long ago about this. While there I bought some tasty Japanese treats to try. I figured since the packages were in a foreign language I could try them since I would have no idea what they were made out of (Russell has realized that I can not try something if I already know what it is made out of and I don’t like those particular ingredients).

This was a veggie cheese puff with the smell of Worcestershire sauce.

This was quite tasty. It was essentially hard ramen noodles with the seasoning already infused in the noodles.

Later in the year (about April) it was quite exciting here in Gainesville because we had won our third national championship (two in basketball and one in football) in the same 12 month period. Russell and I went downtown to see all the celebration and then I went to the celebration at the O’dome where the team was.

If you look on the roof of the building there is guy getting told to get down by the cops. For some reason people get a little crazy in the middle of the night after watching their team kick butt in a championship game.

Now in this scene you will notice the LOADS of people and of course there are also girls on guys shoulders and oh yeah they are lifting up their shirts. Sorry we didn’t get a shot of the girls without their tops.

This isn’t the greatest photo but it is of all the 04’s with some of their family members after they got a framed jersey (something usually only given to seniors). If you do not know about the 04’s it is okay but just so you know they are best four team players that have played college basketball for long time or ever.

Well since we are on the sports topic… the next thing that happened in the year was my fun Women’s Football Clinic. This year I went to the clinic with my friend Heather. We had loads of fun and got some interesting photos.

Here is photo of the fans that are placed within Ben Hill Griffin Stadium keep us cool during the games.

I totally had to take a picture of this locker. If you notice this particular player has a nice fluffy mesh sponge to shower with and of course it is orange.

And the best photo from the day is this one of Heather with the football National Championship ring. We really have had fun with all the championships that UF has gotten lately.

So the next thing that happened in the year was the release of the last Harry Potter book. I of course went down to the bookstore for the midnight release. Here is a photo of the best costume in the whole place.
What can I say… I am a sucker for dogs.

Now we have arrived to about August. My best friend just got married (in October) and a couple months before her wedding she went through hair run. This is the best shot from that adventure.

Don’t worry that is not how her hair turned out but unfortunately I didn’t get a photo of the final product really.

So since my best friend was getting married we of course had a little bachelorette party for her. What we decided to do was go to St. Augustine and go on a haunted pub tour. What was really cute though was when we got in our hotel room they had done up a towel in the shape of a dog and had it displayed on our bed.

Towel Doggie
Man I even love towel doggies.

Dead doggie?
And then of course Casey had to go and decapitate the poor little doggie.

The girls
Here is a photo of Casey, Carla, and me at the first pub. If you look at what Casey is holding it a detector to know when ghosts are around. Unfortunately for us it only showed us that Carla’s boobs were possessed.

What was really weird was while walking around St. Augustine I ran into Jason and Amy who now live in South Carolina so it was kind of weird seeing them in Florida and while I was on a little vacation. Here is a photo to prove that they were there (because I knew no one would just believe me that I ran into them).
Jason and Amy (surprise)

Well now I have caught up on my life in 2007. To end this post of random pictures I will give a drawing a did of Russell. Now most everyone knows that Russell is an artist and I have actually decorated an entire wall at my house of his paintings. Well most might not know that I too am an artist (well of sorts).
THE drawing of the year

I hope you all enjoyed these random photos from my life in 2007 so far. I don’t actually take photos very often but hey at least I have done it enough to fill up a great little post of my adventures.

ignore me 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Random Picture Update

  1. I don’t know what you’re talking about. We weren’t there? You must have Photoshopped us in, really. And after seeing your wonderful drawing of Russ, I realized for the first time that he looks a lot like Pan. So yea, you should draw in some horns, goat legs, and a flute. 🙂

  2. good to hear from you guys! Im trying to keep up with all of the sports stuff, i really dont understand the ring thing, but thought the letter was par for the course about the collegiate liscensing crap.
    miss you all,
    happy halloween and thanksgiving!

  3. That ring was pretty cool.

    That’s awesome that you ran into Jason and Amy, but you know, the picture would be more convincing if you were in it too! Maybe you just grabbed some other picture of them from some other sunny town, huh?


  4. Heather…
    If you look closely at Amy’s shirt, in the top right part of it there is a sticker there from them checking out (I believe) the Spanish Quarters which I heard was a blast of fun. Also, I hate being in pictures (as you can see I only posted one of myself).

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