From the ancient past of February :

Shannon won a free vacation at the Ritz Carlton resort from her previous job. So one weekend, we headed up/over to the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton. Shannon Might leave more text later.

Room and Resort

Our room at the Ritz was awesome. It was across the hall from the Rich Folks Lounge, which we were allowed to use. It had good “free” food and booze.

Turnback ServiceUs In Our RoomRitzBathroomRitz Bathroom2Free Booze

Fairbanks House

While wandering around, we came across this great house. Its now a bed-and-breakfast, so you could stay there if you wanted to. It reminds me of the Mansion at Disney.

Fairbanks House 1Fairbanks Historical PlacardFairbanks house 2

Fred’s Grocery

I am a Fred, so I had to get a picture of Fred’s Grocery

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