Hiking in the Woods

So Nathan recently inherited some land, and yesterday, we decided to scout it out.

Tree Wall

Along one of the property lines, there is an awesome tree wall.

Tree Wall LeftTree Wall Right


While wandering we came upon this incredibly gnarly, twisty pine.

gnarly pine

It seems that there is some disease out there eating pine trees. It seemed to affect between 5% and 20% of the trees. If you look closely, you can see little white flecks on one. Those are termites eating it (that tree seemed to already be dead, so we don’t think the termites are to blame, though we don’t know.)

Pine With TermitesPine with disease

Circle of Life

We saw the circle of life in progress in the form of some bones and a dead fox.



From the ancient past of February :

Shannon won a free vacation at the Ritz Carlton resort from her previous job. So one weekend, we headed up/over to the Amelia Island Ritz Carlton. Shannon Might leave more text later.

Room and Resort

Our room at the Ritz was awesome. It was across the hall from the Rich Folks Lounge, which we were allowed to use. It had good “free” food and booze.

Turnback ServiceUs In Our RoomRitzBathroomRitz Bathroom2Free Booze

Fairbanks House

While wandering around, we came across this great house. Its now a bed-and-breakfast, so you could stay there if you wanted to. It reminds me of the Mansion at Disney.

Fairbanks House 1Fairbanks Historical PlacardFairbanks house 2

Fred’s Grocery

I am a Fred, so I had to get a picture of Fred’s Grocery

New Washer / Dryer

Sorry for the slacking, I am going to be making like 3 posts in a row today (hopefuly)

So a while back the washer and dryer we were storing/using for some friends got reappropriated. My Mother had a relatively new washer with a bad pump (easy fix) So we bought a new dryer from Sears. I would rather not use them next time as they were very pushy and insistent. For once, best buy seemed much nicer.

We also purchased a new stove, but we do not have any pictures of it currently.