Found Funny, Camera phone to the rescue

All the thumbnails are links to the full size images…

“Big Mans Package” Store near Atlanta, GA. We saw this one on the way to the MMW Concert in Atlanta and had to get a picture (we had already purchased booze elsewhere). Big Mans Package (near)

Near Atlanta they tried really hard to hide the cellphone tower. Which from a distance had us asking, “Is that a cellphone tower or a really ugly tree?”

Fake Cellphone Tree

All of the local Compass Banks are offering something great with their service: Free Identity Theft!!!!

Free Identity Theft

The local disc golf course bathroom contains the most useless handicap bars ever.

Handicapped Urinal??

On the way to dinner on April Fools we say this truck in the parking lot.

April Fools (Plastic Wrapped Truck)

Its hard to tell from the picture, but this is another plastic wrapped truck. These pranksters took it a step further however, by putting soft core gay porn behind the saran wrap. The image is a picture of their treatment of the windshield. (Relatively NSFW – though no nudity)

April Fools Even Worse