Never Buy Mac hardware

UPDATE: The mac seemed to be suffering from various corrupt caches or something or other.  It works again. Most of the article that follows was just me ranting and angry at the mac and can at least be toned down.  Also I had the price of the mac mini wrong, it is the same price not twice as expensive sorry.
Shannon’s 15″ powerbook died again last night. It wont even post. After the horrendous affair getting apple to honor the warranty they sold us (3 year extended apple care) last time Shannon’s apple died (6-8 months ago), I am pretty sure it is mostly a nonstarter this time around. There is no reason to spend so much more money on inferior hardware. Why buy a MacMini when for literally half the price you can get a pimp new shuttle. And it kinda looks like the Wii’s brooding teenage brother rather than an expensive coaster.

I think OSX is really very nice and Shannon treats her laptop like a favorite child. But when your much more expensive laptop dies twice in the amount of time you have a much less expensive laptop continue to work, and have apple do everything in their power not to honor their warranty, no matter how nice it is its not worth it. If you want OSX I suggest OSx86. Or even better the new gnome’s and kde’s looks fantastic and has a much more alluring price point (free). (See ubuntu / kubuntu)
I hate repairing broken computer hardware more than most anything, but it is such a better alternative to paying for a new laptop.

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