More political ranting…

I dont understand why it is impossible to even bring up impeaching Bush!

This is a list of news stories critical of Bush that were put on hold before till after the ’04 elections. This includes a story about Bush’s illegal wiretapping that was kept secret for more than a year. (You know, the one that has been spying on American citizens since before 9/11 yet still failed to prevent it.) He was/is committing felonies all over the place.

Yesterday, Bush finally reversed himself on Iraq being part of 9/11. (Bush is a flip flopper.)

Thank God for the ACLU

Yesterday in court, the Bush administration’s illegal domestic spying program was declared unconstitutional.
This lawsuit was brought by the ACLU. (hahahha… wackjobs)


(By the way the liquid bombing scares, all an attempt to keep everyone scared:



I should have done it a while ago, but I just donated to/joined the ACLE.


I think it is a very good idea to support anybody willing to go to court over all of the illegal garbage this administration does. They are lying pathological liars who lie alot (and I hate them).


In other news, I saw Neil Young (of Crosby, Stills, Nash and, who he is touring with right now) on TV last night. He was performing his new single “Lets Impeach the President.” He was asked why he has become a loud peace advocate again. His response was that he was waiting for some one else to do it, but that it didnt get done. Also, Steven Colbert is a damn patriot.
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